EPOK has a very simple almost free sizing because of the generous draping of the silk and the adaptable nature of the garments.

Simply choose the E P O K size matching your normal size from the chart below, if you are unsure, choose the size down or simply contact our customer care service who will answer any question you may have in real time whenever possible

E  P O K Size Chart

At EPOK we understand there is a lot of variations to sizes from country to country and we aim to be inclusive of all gorgeous shapes and sizes so we have a simple inclusive sizing

The International SIZE S (small) varies from to UK 8/10 a USA 4 or an Italian 40/42 so at EPOK we simply call this S(small) EPOK SIZE 1.

If you are XS or a XXS choose EPOK SIZE 0

If you are a small (S) choose EPOK SIZE !

Fir Size Medium(M) choose EPOK SIZE 2

If you normally wear an L or XL choose EPOK SIZE 3

If you wear XL-XXL choose EPOK SIZE 4

Simply Chose the EPOK Size closest to your regular size from the TABLE ABOVE. Due to the drape and the ability for you to adjust the waist we find the dresses easily adapt to most shapes.

At EPOK we aim to be size inclusive..If your normal size is not represented please simply drop us an email with your enquiry and your regular size to ensure you get the best size match for your figure.

If you have any questions about our sizing or best fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us, if you prefer to place your order and then send us an email about size - thats ok too please just email us within 24hrs or your order, we are happy to assist you at all times.

simply contact